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Access Procedure for Researchers, University Professors, PhD and University Students


To access the Frascati National Laboratories it is necessary to have an active account on the INFN User Portal, upload the necessary documentation and obtain the authorization to carry out study, work or research activities.


Access authorization  requests  (Guest Access) must  be  submitted  exclusively  through the  online  procedure  at  least 3 working days before the start date of the activity.


Request Access at LNF


 Required documents are the following:

      Nullaosta-Clearance of the applicant’s Home Institution stamped and signed by its Director/legal representative



INFN User Portal Registration

If you do not have an account on INFN User Portal please register at https://signup.app.infn.it

Then login to the INFN User Portal and follow the instructions to complete the registration.


Follow instructions on HOW TO REGISTER 



If you have an INFN Account but you lost your password, please click the link “Reset Password – Retrieve Username”


Should you need help, please contact the Secretariat of the division where your activity will take place:

Accelerator Division     –     Research Division     –     Technical Division

Servizio Fisica Sanitaria e Medicina del LavoroServizio Valorizzazione Conoscenze – Servizio Divulgazione Scientifica

Access Authorization Process

Access authorization process in few simple steps:


  • Login to the INFN User Portal
  • Click on “Guest Access” on the left column
  • Choose the appropriate LNF group/experiment/division, select preferred dates, upload necessary documents
  • Submit your request
    • LNF group/experiment/division referent person checks and confirms your request
    • Users Office approves your request and authorizes your access


You will receive an automatic confirmation email at every step of the process.

By accessing the INFN Portal it is possible to check the status of your request in real time.


Identification Badge

All LNF users must have an identification badge which can be requested upon arrival at


Central Administration – Bld.30 – Ufficio Protocollo (ground floor on the right)

Monday – Friday  from 10.30 to 11.30 am


The badge is personal and must be carried with you at all times for security and identification reasons.
It allows access to the LNF both from the main entrance and from the turnstile on the train station side.

If you already have a recently issued LNF badge you can continue to use it after checking its validity with LNF External Users Office.


→ INFN personnel holding an active badge issued by any other INFN structure do not need to request a new LNF badge.



Internet access

Users in compliance with the procedures of access can submit a request an internet account to the Computing Service.

To access wifi networks you can also use your INFN or EDUROAM ID and password.



Health and Safety at Work and Radiation Protection

All External Users must follow the instructions given by Activity Manager and comply with the current legislation on Health and Safety at Work (Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions) and on Radiation Protection (Legislative Decree 101/20).